WM –M2M (Wireless Modules & Machine to Machine)


Egyelectronics is finding innovative ways to fulfill the rapidly changing requirements of M2M applications.

We focus on all M2M application sectors such as automotive, smart metering, telematics, control & monitoring, tracking & tracing, payment, security, etc.

Egyelectronics follows extremely strict criteria to deliver the highest quality of cellular modules to customers. Our R&D team delivers products which are fully functional even in the toughest environments.


Our M2M modules cover a spectrum of wireless technology standards including CDMA, GSM and UMTS with LTE forthcoming. A wide range of features, capabilities and innovative technologies such as Java™, GPS, LGA surface mounting and SIM Access Profile are available to meet specific needs and provide greater integration flexibility. FTA and local network operator certifications ensure all modules integrate easily into global wireless networks. And all Cinterion modules comply with RoHS and WEEE environmental regulations for compliance with legislative directives and with ISO TS 16949 quality benchmarks for automotive product excellence