EPCOS PF Controller BR 7000

Product Details

The PF controller BR7000 is a follow-up development of the PF controller BR6000-series, featuring two devices in one: it can be used as a controller as well as a grid measuring tool. The BR7000 offers 15 relay outputs for the steps and three message/alarm relays. Due to the possibility of programming, the 15 outputs can be used for a broad range of applications, for example:

  • 15 conventional steps, each for one three-phase capacitor
  • 15 steps for single-phase capacitors, where each output will switch a single-phase capacitor to N (usually 5 per phase, balancing of grid is possible)
  • Mixed operation: 6 single-phase capacitors (2 per phase) for  balancing plus 9 steps for conventional compensation (three-phase capacitors)

The controller can be connected to a PC via an RS485 interface. The Windows-based software BR7000-SOFT allows the readout of acquired data. The possibility of graphical display of all values offers a comfortable visualization. 


  • LCD full graphic display 128 x 64 dots, 8 lines
  • Self explanatory menu navigation in five languages
  • HELP-button for interactive help text
  • 15 switching outputs
  • 3 additional alarm/message relays
  • 2 isolated interfaces
  • Detailed error messages with time stamp
  • Automatic initialization/test run
  • Automatic and manual operation,service operation, expert mode
  • Three-phase and single-phase controlling; mixed mode possible
  • Display and storage of maximum values, switching operations and operating time
  • Display of date and time
  • Time-controlled functions possible by internal timer
  • Oscilloscope mode for graphical display
  • Quick programming

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