Power Factor Controllers

EPCOS PF Controller BR 6000

The PF controller BR6000 offer highly intelligent control behavior and are very user-friendly thanks to menu-driven handling (plain language). 

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EPCOS PF Controller BR 7000

The PF controller BR7000 is a follow-up development of the PF controller BR6000-series, featuring two devices in one: it can be used as a controller as well as a grid measuring tool.

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Prophi® PF Controller

The power factor controller Prophi-6R is a modern control device of innovative design with
a variety of functions. It is designed for a measuring voltage of 30...525V (L-N) or (L-L) and a supply voltage of 110...230VAC (+/- 15%).

It features a user interface with a menu-driven display in plain text for maximum ease of
operation. Straightforward symbols and alphanumeric displays in the language of the
country of use (ten languages) combine maximum ease of handling with convenient
presentation of results.

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