Prophi® PF Controller

Product Details

  • 12 or 15 switching outputs
  • Extended measured voltage range (up to 760 V ~ L-L)
  • Control of inductive compensation systems possible
  • 20 pre-programmed control series
  • Control series editor
  • Graphical display 128 x 64 pixels
  • Plain language menu navigation
  • Four-quadrant operation
  • Automatic initialisation
  • Display of various grid parameters
  • Display of harmonics
  • Display of distortion factor THD-V / THD-I
  • Monitoring of the capacitor current
  • Saving of the maximum values
  • Saving of the switching cycles and times
  • Manual / Automatic mode
  • Zero voltage shutdown
  • Various error messages / alarm relay
  • Error memory
  • Test run of the system with error analysis
  • Control of inductive compensation systems possible
  • Voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power
  • Harmonics of the voltage (up to the 33rd / up to the 16th (even))
  • Harmonics of the current (up to the 33rd / up to the 16th (even))

Alarm output programmable for ...

  • Undervoltage detection / Overvoltage detection
  • Under-compensation / Over-compensation
  • Under-current / Over-current
  • Harmonics threshold values
  • Delivery of active power
  • Overtemperature
  • Message for delivery of active power
  • Measured voltage error
  • Switching cycle warning
  • Modbus error
  • C-defect

Functional principle

  • Single-phase/three-phase electronic measurement system
  • Detection of the reactive and active current portion of the grid via the current and voltage circuit
  • Switching in or out of the capacitor stages via the outputs in the event of deviations in the set power factor
  • Switching of capacitors via contactors or semiconductors
  • Regulation via capacitor air contactors is implemented in an optimised manner
  • Transistor outputs for the near-realtime control of semiconductor switches

Fan control

  • Development of fan control via integrated temperature sensors and a fan
  • Uses the signal relay
  • Programming of a lower or upper limit temperature necessary

LCD display

  • Graphical display 128 x 64 pixels
  • Display a comprehensive selection of measurement parameters

Overtemperature shut-down

  • The overtemperature shut-down switches off the capacitor stages connected
  • This results in the reduction of the interior temperature of the switching cabinet and protects the capacitors
  • Programming of a lower or upper limit temperature as well as the pause time


  • Two independent potential-free RS485 interfaces
  • The Modbus RTU, Modbus KTR, ASCII out, Slave Hybrid, Slave Mode, and Master Mode protocols are available via the RS485s
  • Integration of PLC systems, building management systems or energy management systems
  • Modbus transfer rates: 9.6 – 256 kBit/s

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