EPCOS PF Controller BR 6000

Product Details

Controllers for PFC are of major importance in the PFC system. They measure the actual power factor and connect or disconnect capacitor stages to achieve a specific  desired value (cos ϕ). The PF controller BR6000 offer highly intelligent control behavior and are very user-friendly thanks to menu-driven handling (plain language). Their multifunction-al display greatly simplifies installation, handling and maintenance. Different versions of the BR6000 series provide solutions to various applications: 

  • BR6000-R6 and BR6000-R12 for conventional applications with slowly changing loads (optionally with RS485 interface)
  • BR6000-T6 and BR6000-T12 for dynamic PFC in applications with fast-changing loads
  • BR6000-T6R6 for mixed PFC systems with both slowly and fast-changing loads (optionally with RS485 interface)

PF controllers BR6000-R12/S and BR6000-T even allow coupling for instance in cascading two systems with two inputs and a single coupling switch. 


  • Intelligent control
  • Menu-driven handling (plain language)
  • Self-optimizing control capability
  • Recall function of recorded  values
  • Four-quadrant operation (e.g. stand-by generator)
  • Large measuring voltage range
  • Powerful alarm output
  • Display of numerous of  system parameters
  • Alarm output
  • Complete 2nd parameter set available
  • Automatic initialization
  • Dynamic PFC (transistor  output)

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