PhaseCap HD

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The PhaseCap HD series is a follow-on development of the MKK AC  series, covering the power range above 40 through 60 kvar with just one capacitor in a cylindrical aluminum case.   The PhaseCap HD is especially intended for industrial applications with demands for long life, constant capacitance and high inrush current withstand capability up to 300 · IR.  Such applications require typical power steps of 25 or 50 kvar switched by a PFC controller via each capacitor contactor. This MKK AC series was developed to  increase packing density per bank and cut component costs. 


  • Automatic PFC equipment, capacitor banks
  • Individual fixed PFC (e.g. motors, transformers, lighting)
  • Group fixed PFC
  • Tuned and detuned capacitor banks
  • Filter applications
  • Dynamic PFC
  • PFC systems with space constraints

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3-Phase Capacitors

50 Hz



d x h




Type Ordering code
Rated voltage 400 V AC
40.0 136x317 4,4 MKK400-D-40.0-21 B25669A3796J375
50.0 136x355 4,7 MKK400-D-50.0-21 B25669A3996J375
Rated voltage 440 V AC
4 0.0 136x317 4,4 MKK440-D-40.0-21 B25669A4657J375
50.0 136x355 4,7 MKK440-D-50.0-21 B25669A4827J375
56.0 136x355 4,7 MKK440-D-56.0-21 B25669B4927J375
Rated voltage 525 V AC
40.0 136x355 4,7 MKK525-D-40.0-21 B25669A5467J375