Reversible Flow Fan

Product Details

In applications such as cooling of beverage vending machines and food showcases as well as household ventilation, multiple fans are often used to blow air in two opposite directions.
For such use, our Reversible Flow Fans can reduce the number of fans used, leading to cost reductions and space savings.


​Number of Fans Can Be Reduced
As a single fan can blow air in two directions, this product can reduce the number of fans used, contributing to reducing equipment costs and saving space. This product is suitable for house ventilation and cooling of drink vending machines, food display cases, and LED lights.

Wind directions and fan speed can be controlled by inputting a PWM signal from an external device. Optimal control of fan speed is possible, contributing to lowering noise and power consumption.

Same Level of Performance in Either Direction
Whether forward or reverse direction, this fan delivers nearly the same airflow and static pressure, making fan speed control easy.

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