San Motion Linear Servo Systems

Product Details

Linear servo systems are suitable for applications requiring high speed and high accuracy.
These products are suitable for applications such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, LCD manufacturing equipment, chip mounters, wire bonders, and conveyors.


No magnetic attraction force on devices
This is the industry’s first center magnet type linear servo motor.
Magnetic attraction forces are canceled out within the motor structure, simplifying device construction.

Industry-leading acceleration
Featuring industry-leading 25 G*1 acceleration.
This enables fast device driving, contributing to shorter device cycle time and improved productivity.

Compact, large thrust
The center magnet type is 30% smaller, and the dual magnet type is 12% smaller than our conventional model.*2
Moreover, the thrust densities of the center magnet type and the dual magnet type are 42% and 13% —which is the top in the industry*1ー greater, respectively, than our conventional model*2 2

*1: Information based on Sanyo Denki's research, collected among core-type linear servo products with similar shapes. Based on our own research as of April 25, 2016.
*2: Our conventional linear servo model: Dual magnet core type (model no.: DD045CB4AN)

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