Splash Proof Centrifugal Fan

Product Details

This fan has excellent waterproof and dustproof performance while maintaining high airflow, high static pressure, low noise, and low power consumption as well.
It is suitable for cellular base stations and heat exchangers.


​High Airflow and High Static Pressure
This fan blows air in radial directions perpendicular to the inlet direction, enabling it to cool and ventilate efficiently even in equipment with limited installation space.

Excellent Water and Dust Resistance
These fans achieve excellent IP68, IP56, or IP54 water and dust protection.

Note: The degree of protection (IP code) is defined by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 60529 as below.

・Protection against a level of dust that could hinder operation or impair safety
・Protection against splashing water

・Protection against a level of dust that could hinder operation or impair safety
・Protection against high pressure water jets

・Complete protection against dust
・Protection against submersion in water

IPX8 Requirements:
When the power is off, the fan is submerged in water pressurized to the equivalent of 2 meters for 60 minutes.
Then it's run for 15 minutes at the rated voltage in free-air. During the test, there shall be no reduction in dielectric strength or fan characteristics.

PWM Fan Speed Control Compatible
PWM fan speed control enables you to change fan speed remotely by changing the signal pulse width, without varying the input voltage. This function achieves the optimum airflow by automatically making adjustments when needed. It therefore provides effective cooling of devices, reducing equipment noise and power consumption.

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